A week of virtual conversations with inspiring business leaders, authors and consultants from around the world

Uncover how to improve
Employees’ Attitudes and Behaviours
so yours continues to be a
Company Worth Working For in 2015

We all know employees give of their best when they believe their company values them.

We’ve brought together six experts in leadership and employee engagement so you can help stakeholders engage with your business vision, values and purpose.

Register, listen-in and contribute as they share the latest on developing people, networking, explaining change, flexible working, trust and credibility, and much more…

Though they work for different companies and on different continents – North America, Europe, India, Australasia – the thinking and best practices they share you will find relevant as well.

Join them for the 2015 Worth Working Summit where they share what they’ve found works in practice in many different countries and cultures

You'll hear new insights, ideas, tools and techniques you can apply in your own organisation.

Listening in is easy and FREE! Worth Working Summit 2015 is a virtual online event.

You can listen in no matter where you are in the world and at a time that suits you via computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other mobile devices.

Over five days we will look in detail at what makes a company worth working for; answering the questions:

  • How do you work out what to do differently to increase employee motivation and satisfaction?
  • How do you uncover things that have the potential to undermine morale in your organisation?

These are big questions for any business – with complex solutions that shift and change.

Meet your panel of global experts and some of the well-kept secrets they will be revealing…

Michelle Clarke

Trust Movement leader, social entrepreneur, sheep dog trainer

Baby steps versus bigger promises: building trust in teams

  • Why high trust companies outperform their rivals financially and have better performing teams
  • Building trust between employees who have never met so they work together collaboratively
  • Practices that cultivate trust within organisations and are easy to assimilate into culture

Mary Kurek

Professional networker, author, columnist, public speaker, former executive director

Little exchanges of information can create big things

  • Return on investment from networking for our organisations and us as individuals
  • Essential skills we need for networking and how to develop them, including overcoming fear and fostering genuine curiosity
  • Networking with people beyond our day jobs, both those more senior and more junior than us

Nirav Patel
International PM, consultant, leader of global virtual teams

Flexibility and autonomy: Attracting the best global talent

  • Developing a culture of flexible working when team members are based in different countries and time zones
  • Work life balance that can flex to meet different lifestyles and cultures in the West, East, Asia, Africa and Pacific
  • Technologies that help team members stay connected with each other when they work around the world

Nicki Vee

Executive coach, experienced corporate director, feminine half of The Relationship Couple

Balancing accountability for results with accountability for people

  • Uncovering team members’ real development needs and providing appropriate opportunities
  • How to introduce a culture of learning and growing within teams and organisations
  • Helping line managers become good coaches who give constructive feedback that helps people improve performance

Geoff Crane

University professor, emotion and health researcher, former IT director

Jo Ann Sweeney

Engagement expert, communications consultant, charity trustee, proud NZer living in London

Change is scary: Recognising and respecting fears, hopes and passions

  • Practical techniques leaders can use to listen and respond to their people’s fears during change
  • Must-dos for communicating during times of change when the news is bad and trying to make it sound good just won’t work
  • Is it even possible to change culture, or should we focus on the easier things like systems, processes and capabilities

Join the conversation, debate the issues, share your own experiences

Once you sign up you will be able to listen to the interviews free-of-charge between 4-8 May 2015.

Each interview lasts around 30 minutes and will be broadcast for a 23-hour period so that you can listen in no matter where in the world you are based.

Every day you will receive an email with all the details for the next day’s interviews so you have time to plan when you will listen around your work commitments. You’ll be able to listen via a computer, laptop, iphone, ipad and other mobile devices.

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Why a virtual telesummit …

If we put these leaders in a live conference you would pay thousands of pounds to listen to them – and you wouldn’t get any work done.

Now you can have the same experience without leaving your desk and I’m inviting you to attend this amazing event for FREE!

You don’t have to pay for hotels, flights, meals, attendance fees or any of the other costs usually associated with business events.

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